Local Fashion Show

The life of a fashion designer can be challenging, although it is enormously rewarding. You spend considerable time learning your craft. There is constant pressure to be creative and find new ways to use color, pattern, texture, and form. You must keep up with technological advancements in textiles and computer software. I love to get inspiration from everything around me. It could be nature in any form, an industrial setting, people or buildings. Everything involves planned design. In today’s blog, I want to brag a bit about a recent successful project that will give readers insight into my world. I was asked to participate in a local fashion show. I selected what I considered to be my best work. You never know what the public will like, but you do know the trends that have captured their attention. Of course, you want to present something new and enticing; that is what the fashion world is about. You must take chances to get acclaim.

The show was outdoors in a beautiful garden. What outfit wouldn’t look good here. The lighting was natural and flattering. The models looked divine. As they walked the runway, I noticed that each one was featured on a big outdoor television from Outdoor Light and Sound. There must be a camera lurking in the background working its magic. It blew up the fashions to superhuman size. I was in total awe at how good my clothes looked. What were other people thinking? The TV certainly highlighted the best of my designs. The details shone in all their glory. What a great idea. I had to mention my approval to the event coordinator.

Once I had given her accolades, I now got my own. We were at the point in the show—after the last model—when guests could offer their compliments. I didn’t know if this was going to happen to me, but I am delighted to say that it did. Everyone loved the array of designs and some even mentioned particular dresses. While models are always gorgeous and do their job well, this time attention had been drawn to my work. I had nothing to do with makeup or hair, and it added to the impact, but I was the recipient of flattery nonetheless. I knew that beautiful women aren’t enough to impress fashion-forward critics.

A write-up by the local lifestyle columnist continued the accolades to the next day. I was featured in the newspaper and the online site. The website showed a close-up of me watching the parade of models go by. There were numerous shots of the clothing giving me a huge amount of coverage. Later, I heard that the paper got many calls asking where I could be found. I love custom work in the community, even more than I like designing mass-produced garments. Events like a fashion show are wonderful publicity. You can’t pay enough to get this kind of public relations. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost anything.