Suffering for Fashion

While I love everything about fashion, there are some limitations to what I accept. I appreciate designs, texture, color patterning, and fit; but when styles become too farfetched, I draw the line. Right now, I am on a rant about the latest shoes with five-inch spike heels. It seems that the old four-inch standard has been cast aside. What ever happened to three? You don’t see them at all anymore. I simply do not think the higher version of stilettos look that great on most people. Even when there is a one-inch platform, they look absurd and feel even worse I am told. I never wear them for any occasion. Young girls who are slaves to fashion and want to look hot wear them with pride. Why does looking sexy dominate the entire field. What about cut and innovation. Everything is in the interest of attracting the opposite sex. Why else would someone wear shoes that destroy your feet? I have a lot to say about suffering for fashion whether when wearing it or making it.

It isn’t just the harm done to feet that bothers me. You can alleviate this with a good foot massage – by a professional or with a portable home machine. It is as you wish since both work wonders. Massage also takes care of another fashion problem. I have an image of sweat shop workers in third world countries hunched over a sewing machine all day without a break. And for a very low wage! It is time to protest, and not just on Facebook. I sew my own clothing as a designer and textile specialist so I know how much harm it does. I can’t stop doing this as it is a key to my successful career, so I resort to a typical solution. I go for massages as needed, at least once a week, and supplement them with a hand massage unit at home. It works best on feet because you can reach them with ease.

So, I have a fantasy of recommending manufacturers to provide a chair massage at the end of each work day. This will never happen but I believe it is a good idea for those aching shoulders and stiff backs. I also think that it would be worth the investment as it would boost productivity for sure. Workers should also be able to borrow foot massagers that would be available during break time. Ah, I can feel it now. I love mine as it saves the day after standing on my feet too long. In sweat shops, there is the constant repetitive motion of foot pedals that run the old-fashioned sewing machines.

If fashion were more profitable, these sweat shops would go out of business in favor of automated factories. I regret the loss of jobs, but I also abhor ancient practices. Listen up readers and let others in fashion know about the evils of the industry. Maybe some of you fashionistas will feel guilty enough to join me in my protest.