Trying my Hand at Interior Design

I am proud of my home state of North Carolina and don’t see enough blogs that talk about this beautiful land of sand and pines. Fashion design is my forte (I am also delving into the world of interior decoration) and there is so much here to give my ample inspiration. Scenic vistas of rolling farm fields and distant hills become fodder for the colors, patterns, and textures of my work. I live and breathe the world of style, be it what people wear to define themselves, or what they place in their rooms that defines their ambiance.

Whatever type of creative work you do in the field of design, you must consider so many ramifications of your projects. You must think practically and not limit yourself to self-expression. Clothing, for example, is one of the most utilitarian items a person can don. What they choose reflects the garment’s purpose and its need for durability and strength. Sports gear, for example, requires very tough fabrics that can take a beating and dozens of washings. Work duds must withstand repeated wear and tear. No wonder delicate, luxurious fabrics are relegated to high fashion wear. The use of something dictates its design.

This is certainly true for interior work. Every room of the house has its special practical requirements. Furniture might be placed in the living room to optimize a view. A bed might be on the opposite wall of a light-emanating window that would by necessity require a blackout drape or other type of window treatment. A bathroom that accommodates a family will mandate a double sink. I could go on and on. I was asked on Facebook to help a friend remodel their old kitchen and I had to consider how many people use the space right from the start. The direction of the stove to the refrigerator mattered as did the size and convenience of the sink. The adjacent laundry and trash room was an important consideration. The existence of a pantry with shelves low enough for everyone to reach was important given the short status of the wife.

If you believe in feng shui, you have all kinds of north, south, east, and west issues to solve. It can be difficult to stay on your remodeling budget if this is the case. You may have to move entire walls. Be sure to have enough money left over for a whole house water filter system from So many older homes have corroded pipes resulting in the occasion burst of rusty water in the middle of a bath or while preparing vegetables in the kitchen.

Read up on all the different types of units before you select which system you’re going to install in your home, to decide what type of contaminant control you need. I like something on a grand scale that services the entire abode rather than a small attached gadget on the kitchen sink. It is a mere stop-gap measure. You can see that trying my hand at interior design has a really practical side. Clean, clear water is not to be ignored.