Unique Accessories

Women are invading the male space in all areas, including the field of construction. Not that the men mind! They were surprised at first and it took some getting used to. Now they make good cronies. There are women police officers, firepersons, judges, CEOs, and all sorts of positions hithertofore only offered to men. I like the way the world has changed over many decades. Women are pilots, neurosurgeons, astronauts, and more. Don’t tell a female that she can’t be anything she wants. In any job, she will lead the way.

I enjoy seeing the ladies on construction sites with jackhammers and welders. They are wearing the same hardhats, heavy boots, and gloves as the men. It is a unified environment for sure. Let’s make sure they get paid the same wage! I am a bit of an advocate for women in any business or enterprise since I met someone who is a professional welder herself. She had been an apprentice for years and her father, a welder, was her teacher and mentor. She has many a tale about her life on the job. She was so skilled that she was called upon to instruct newbies in the art of welding and even wrote for a popular blog on welding at https://www.ratemywelder.com. She rose in the ranks and worked many years before retiring to take up her second love: jewelry making.

As you can imagine, she used metal as her primary material and learned to weld on a small scale. She showed me a selection and I paged through her extensive photo portfolio. She attends many expos and trade shows, follows lots of groups and pages on Facebook on the topic and even demonstrates mini welding on site. She can fabricate a custom item upon request. This was a whole new world to me. Welding to me is the hallmark of ironworking—fusing those huge beams on a high-rise, for example.

I attended an open-air jewelry fair with her on a date and learned quite a lot about her craft. She was conscientious, controlled, detailed, and skilled. As a designer, I could appreciate her manipulation of forms and gemstones. She could make anything from earrings to a ring to a necklace. She sold a lot of her inventory and said she makes a good living at what she loves. Don’t we all want to be able to say that!

When I needed a birthday gift for my mother, I knew just where to go. I had never given her anything as fancy as jewelry and she was elated. She wanted to meet the “artist” and invited the two of us to dinner. My mother wore her new necklace and was delighted that my friend brought a matching ring. What a lovely hostess gift, and certainly more than the casual dinner warranted. Nonetheless, my mom and she have bonded and I am getting more involved myself. I can be seen wearing a masculine link bracelet that is beautifully fashioned just for my taste.