Never Too Many Collars

This post is dedicated to my great and enduring love for collared button downs (or button ups, if you call them that!). I will never be able to own enough of them. Here’s why I’m obsessed! They add a preppy, polished look to nearly any outfit. Seriously! Even an old, grungy t-shirt can now look acceptable at a business-casual function. I try to buy a combination of long-sleeve and sleeveless collared button downs so that I can get the perfect look every time. All of my favorite outfits apply this one, simple method: wear a collared shirt underneath it.

For example, one of my favorite ensembles is my mustard yellow sleeves shift dress with my sleeveless black button-down underneath it. The black adds some definition to the simple line of the dress. It makes the dress look less boring and more punkerella. I like to then pair the look with a thin, glossy black belt and clunky black boots (for play) or heels or stylish flats (for work).

Another great way to put your collared shirts to extra use is to wear them under plain old t-shirts. That plaid, long-sleeve button down you always wear over your clothes, try wearing it under. It could even look good under a shift dress, such as the one I have, for a distinctly fall, back-to-school look.

Really what it comes down to is – layers. This look, even in the heat of summer, can add layers to your outfits. You don’t have to wear cardigans and vests year-round to make outfits that look complex and well put together, you just have to invest in some light and airy sleeveless button down blouses.

This look is great for everyone too because it can add everything from edge (my favorite way is to use collared shirts with studs or a metallic sheen to them) to class to any outfit.