The Magic of a Square Scarf: 5 Uses for the Cute Scarf

Everyone loves a good scarf. But I have to say that I am a little underwhelmed with the current infinity scarf craze, mainly because, they really only look good one way. I understand that they are great for when you’re on the go and they always look good no matter what, but my favorite scarf has always been the square scarf.

Square scarfs get their name due to the fact that when they are spread out flat, they take the shape of a square. A lot of people may not know that because we are so used to seeing them being worn. The square scarf is so versatile – wear it in your hair, wear it around your neck (obviously, ha!), tie it around your purse, around your wrist, even use it as a funky, bohemian belt! I’m counting down the 5 uses for a cute scarf, and here they are:

  • Retro Headscarf

One of my favorite ways to wear my square scarves is in my hair. When folded in half, corner-to-corner to create a large triangle, they can then be rolled up and tied at the front of your head in a bow. It’s important to get the right length for this – a square scarf that’s too large will make an obnoxiously big bow, one that’s too small may not fit around the head at all. I love this look because it takes any old, average outfit to a whole other level of trendiness. Even with just jeans and a simple tee, I can use a colorful scarf in my hair with an up-do or even down, to make my outfit less average and give it a cute, vintage vibe.

  • French Gal Swag

This is a fun one! Try using a smaller square scarf to achieve this stylish look. Fold the scarf just as you did for the headscarf but this time tie it at the front (right or left) side of your neck. You’ll look and feel like a 1960’s glam French woman on her way to the cafe with her tiny dog. I get so many compliments when I wear my scarves like this! And I always feel fabulous.

  • Classic, Americana Bandanna

This is the easiest and most common way to wear a square scarf, but it doesn’t make it any less gorgeous. Fold the square into a triangle also for this style, and then simply place it around your neck as if it is a bib. You can tie it in the back, playing with its length, or (if it’s long enough) bring both ends back to the front and let them hang. This style can add a little edge to any ensemble. So look out world, here you come!

  • Flirty Bag Accessory

I gather this little tip from the style icon, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. And indeed, be bold and feel rock ‘n’ roll when you try this one! If you have a neutral toned purse, this is a really simple way to give it some flavor that is only temporary. And the best thing about it is, if you end up needing a scarf throughout the business of your day, you’ll have it right there with you! Simply fold into a triangle, and tie around the handle or strap of your bag. You can tie it in a bow for a more feminine look, or even let it hang (as long as it isn’t too long!) for something more boho-chic.

  • Boho Belt

This look is paired perfectly for the beach or a maxi dress. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really recommend it, personally. Tied at the hip with a long, black maxi dress, a colorful scarf can make you look cool, confident, and interesting. As a belt alternative, scarfs aren’t mean to hold up pants or skirts but tied around the simplicity of a silhouette, it can give you a defined waistline as well as a fun sense of style.