Which do I Prefer? – Booties vs. Boots

So today we are discussing: boots and booties. Booties are the latest trend for every woman’s feet these days and you can’t seem to find a fall outfit complete without either a pair of them or boots. I understand why. They’re both perfect for fall! Close-toed, warm, comfy, and semi-rain proof – plus they’re cute! One of you asked me last week which I prefer. Personally, in my own closet, I own three pairs of booties and only one pair of boots (unless you count my hiking boots, ha!), but that doesn’t necessarily mean I dislike boots. I prefer booties because they add a little height, lengthen the leg, and have a distinctly more feminine look than boots. At least, I feel prettier and more feminine trotting around in booties more so than I do when I stomp around in boots. It’s all personal preference.

I do believe, however, that booties are on the rise. I think this is due not only to the obvious fact that they are in style, but that they give you a little height that heels usually manage, but are more protective than heels are. Plus, how can we not love their adorable name?

I own three pairs of booties so that I have the potential to wear them with virtually any outfit. I have a black pair, a camel-brown pair, and a deep red pair. My black and brown ones are neutrals so I’ll often wear them with an outfit that’s a little on the brighter or more colorful side, whereas my red ones are great with a simple, black dress, or white top and dark, fitted jeans. The boots that I own are a lovely, cool mushroom gray – they almost have a little hint of periwinkle to them – and they are my favorite when worn with nice stockings and a short skirt or dress. I almost never wear them with jeans. This is simply because I am beginning to get bored with the whole skinny jeans, riding boots, infinity scarf ensemble. I think it’s overplayed. If I wear jeans in the fall, you best believe it’s either with sneakers and I’m running errands or with booties and I’m out to work or play.

Again, this is all personal preference. As a stylist, I never want to tell clients what to wear, how to wear it, but rather help them move in a direction where they feel comfortable, look great, and find inner confidence. If your go-to look is the typical fall ensemble, that’s great, but I always strive to help people get a little out of their comfort zone. A look I’ve been craving to see is riding boots with a fall-color-scheme floral midi-dress. I think this look is positively magical. It makes me think of gardening in a more simple time. I recently tried it out on a Sunday morning trip to the Farmer’s Market and then to brunch with my family. I felt romantic, a little whimsical, and feminine, like the heroine in a novel well on her way to meeting Mr. Right. And, lord, knows I need that in my life right now!

I later thought about that same plum and yellow floral dress paired with booties, and I will tell you, it just didn’t have quite the same effect. So I guess to summarize today’s post, when it comes to booties and boots it’s about personal preference and how it interacts with your outfit.