The Bold Lip

Women are becoming more comfortable with lathering up their lips with bold, bright colors. Ever since Gwen Stefani went from camo pants and pink hair to glossy, platinum locks and Marilyn-inspired make-up, we have been trying out red lipstick. It’s been a long road, coming from the late 1990’s when women were wearing frosty, pink lip gloss that nearly made their lips disappear to saying, “Hello, World! Here are my lips!” with the vibrant hues of red.

It’s one of my favorite looks on a woman. Yes, all women. I don’t buy into the, “It just doesn’t look good on me.” I never let my clients say that in front of me because it’s such an awful thing to say. When you tell yourself it’s not for you or you don’t like it, that’s totally fine, but when it comes down to you thinking there isn’t an option for you, specifically, I don’t buy it. The fashion industry is a large and industrious world where many companies, thousands of companies, are catering to a specific woman every day – one of those women is bound to be you. There’s a red lip for everyone. Cool-toned reds to warm-toned reds all built to compliment any skin tone, eye color, and lip shape.

But I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about how we got from red lips to new and even more daring colors. Recently at Sephora, I found lip stains in every color – really, every color – red, orange, purple, black, maroon, blue, and even green. I was stunned and thrilled. I knew there was an awesome hipster chick somewhere out there, maybe in Tokyo, maybe even in Idaho, rocking green lips with a velvet, black choker, Doc Martens, and cigarette pants. I knew that I could rock green or blue lips too if I wanted to, but it wasn’t my style and I certainly couldn’t imagine anyone in North Carolina not staring at me like I was an alien if I walked around that way. I suddenly had a vision of myself in New York City with my best friend, Stace. Stace is turning 27 in April and we already have flights booked to go to NYC for a weekend together. How rad would I look with deep blue, velvety lips running around the midnight streets in the Big Apple with Stace?

You may have guessed my punch line…. Today, I bought blue lip stain. And I couldn’t be more excited to use it. I already know I am pairing it with my black mini dress, electric blue tights, and black booties. I will keep the rest of my make-up simple. Just a nice thin line of black liquid eyeliner, mascara, and some blush.

So, as I’ve said, it’s not always about something being for you and distinctly you – some beauty products can help you find a New You (or a New York You, ha!), and others will challenge you, get you out of your shell, or help you achieve a particular look. I will have to keep you all updated on how the trip in April goes and I will be sure to post pictures of me rocking the blue lips.