My Dream Shoe Collection

The title of this post is a little misleading, because, guess what? I already own my dream shoe collection! Also, here’s some good news – you can too! Shoes are usually the clothing item women have the least amount of trouble shopping for and loving to own. No matter what waistline we have or how many times our weight fluctuates, shoe sizes are always the same. It’s like going home for Christmas, after years of being away from family and finding that your grandmother’s house is still exactly the same, down to where you last left your stuffed bunny, Mr. Fizzle. It’s comforting and safe to go to a store and try on shoes. It doesn’t require you to get naked under horrible lighting in a dressing room that feels oddly a lot like a Box of Shame, it just requires you to walk up and down an aisle with one bar foot and the other dressed in a smart red wedge, stomping like it’s a runway, and you’re BeyoncĂ© with a limp.

So here it is, my dream (and current) shoe collection:

  • Black Shoes: flats, gladiator sandals, booties, and high heels
  • Brown Shoes: kitten heels, woven flats, booties.
  • Colorful Shoes: mushroom gray riding boots, red booties, glitter-gold strappy heels, leopard flats, Kelly green wedges.

Just 12 pairs of shoes. Most women are pretty surprised when they learn this about me, and I understand why. “But you’re a stylist!” Yes, I know. I should have about 50 pairs of shoes, but it’s actually because I am a stylist that I don’t need too many options to make my closet work the best. More clothes don’t always mean more outfits, in fact, it can be incredibly overwhelming, not to mention expensive. I try to give my clients the best service by helping them learn how to get the most out of each item of clothing in their closet. That’s why it’s important to own some shoes (like my booties) in every color. Every woman, to achieve a “dream” shoe collection and closet, should have one pair of brown and one pair of black in nearly every style shoe.

Colored shoes are of less importance – although, I know, they’re so fun to buy and wear – they shouldn’t be overcrowding your closet. My Kelly green wedges are my favorite during the summer, paired with jeans and a sleeveless blouse, or with a fun summer dress, but I hardly get use out of them in the winter. It’s important for your shoe collection to be able to fade in and out with the seasons effortlessly. My leopard flats are probably one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I own because I wear them year-round (as long as it isn’t too cold!). They look great with fitted, dark wash jeans and with my mustard-yellow shift dress and added black details. I love owning the more “outrageous” styles, colors, and patterns of shoes because they give me the option to add quirkiness or a pop of color to any ensemble, but in order to achieve a dream closet, with a multitude of opportunities, I know I have to invest in the basics, like neutral-toned flats and boots.

Well, that’s all for now! Next week I will be talking about the perfect date night outfits, because, guess what! I’m going on a date this weekend! I will post pictures of the outfit I decided to wear and run through some tips and ideas with you on all the great, fun, flirty options you can try. What I won’t be giving tips on, however, is dating!