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Thursday, September 18, 2014


I hope everyone's week is going well :) I'm so glad that it's almost over! No huge plans for the weekend. Saturday we're going to the BYU football game. It will be my first one of the season. I'm excited for some chilly game nights!

I'm in love with plaid. Yes I've made that known in this post, this post, and this post. It's the same shirt and I got it from H&M last year and it's my top favorite. I don't think I've worn overalls since I was a toddler! Not that I don't like them, but I've just never bought any. I went to H&M and found these and I had to get them and I'm so glad I did. So many ways to style them and I went with a lumberjack look today. Perfect for Fall!

Plaid Shirt-H&M(sold out) // similar

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


"Not all those who wander are lost" -J.R.R. Tolken

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I was a little upset that the weekend went by so fast. My best friend from NC came out for a little visit. I seriously LOVE when she comes out here. We are laughing from the minute she arrives to when she leaves. I always hate when I have to drop her off at the airport :( We had a really fun weekend though. Saturday we did what we do best and that is shop! We spent the day at City Creek, ate at Blue Lemon, and finished the night off going to a haunted house. It was the opening weekend so we had to go while she was here. They are my favorite! (If you haven't noticed I'm obsessed with Halloween!)

I absolutely love this shirt from LuLu's and I'm so sad that they are sold out. I think life should be all about adventure. Trying new things, meeting new people, and stepping out of your comfort zone. 
Woohoo!! Have a good Tuesday!

Wander Tee- LuLu's(sold out) //similar
Cardigan- Forever 21
Leggings- Jane
Boots- c/o H&M
Hat- c/o H&M

Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 Halloween Window Slihouettes

It may be too soon, but I couldn't stop myself. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love haunted houses, costumes, and I love decorating for Halloween. Last year I made these window silhouettes for the first time and I think it's going to happen every year now. I also did some for Christmas last year as well. Here are the ones I did for this Halloween! I got my inspiration from online. 

I went a little "scarier" this year. I love the Nightmare Before Christmas and that's why I decided to make the Oogie Boogie! To make these you draw what you want on black paper. I don't use stencils, but I'm sure it would work if you can find some big enough. Then just tape it on your window. Then tape up orange tissue paper :) I'm sure you could also do green for a more eerie look!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Fall Colors

My friends, Fall is all about color! I find that it is very easy to mix and match colors during the Fall such as burgundy, cream, and dark green. As well as layering! I wanted to share my favorite colors to wear in Fall.

First I wanted to share my favorite jewelry color. Rose gold! It's an earthy tone and this cuff would be so cute with a 3/4 length cardigan. This cuff is even on sale right now!

Cuff Bracelet-Freshtrends

This is a pretty simple jacket, but the color is a great one for the Fall. Hunter green goes really well with neutrals and browns. A great Fall color!

BURGUNDY! This would have to be my favorite color to wear. It's so pretty and stands out so well!

Sweater-Forever 21

Wearing flannels/plaid in the Fall is a must for me. The color I love about it is red. I don't like wearing red by itself, but when it is accented it's my kind of shirt!


Cardigans are great for layering and black to me is a Fall color. This cardigan is on sale right now!


Burnt orange is another favorite. I have a cardigan that is this color and I wear it all of the time. I love this sweater and it's prefect for the pumpkin season.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Staying Healthy with SAM's

"This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Sam’s Club. All opinions are mine alone." #TrySamsClub #CollectiveBias

I'm constantly trying to be healthy. Trying to be good at things such as exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating right. My parents got into green smoothies a couple of years ago and I quickly followed along. My dad actually lost around 35 lbs. in two months by eating naturally and drinking green smoothies. My mom has had a SAM's Club membership ever since I was little and that is what they use to buy their ingredients to make smoothies. I've shared my recipe down at the bottom!

When I started making smoothies I was going to regular grocery stores all of the time to get what I needed. Last year I finally got myself a membership at SAM's club and I love it. This is where I go all of the time to get my fruits and veggies. The greens I buy is the best part! It's a mix of kale, chard, and spinach for only $4! It's amazing. I use it for my salads as well. I usually buy their frozen fruit for my smoothies, but I love stocking my fridge with fresh fruit as well that is all decently priced. Trust me it's the best ever! SAM's saves me so much money buying these items.

Being the good friend I am, I like to share things like this with my friend ;) Lauren and I actually love to share recipes we love with each other so I brought her to SAM's Club with me so she could get her kale medley and some yummy fruit. I would have to say that she is addicted now as well.

SAM's Club honestly helps me when buying food that is healthy for me. I go there about once a week and it's completely worth it!

Green Smoothie Recipe

-1/3 water
-1/3 greens
-1/3 fruit

Pretty simple right?? For a more detailed way..I put about 2 cups of water in my blender, then 2-3 big handfuls of the kale medley, and fruit. I will add the blueberries and strawberries for sure and one apple. Sometimes changing it up is nice, for instance adding pineapple makes it taste so good! Try it!

Make sure you look into SAM's Club and their membership deals. There are a lot of ways to save money there other than their food. They have cheaper gas and even offer health screenings. SAM's Club with be offering a open house this weekend starting on the 12th so it's the perfect time to drop by and see what deals they will have without having a membership!

SAM's Club Twitter
SAM's Club Facebook
SAM's Club Instagram

Thursday, September 4, 2014

#TBT (Fall Edition)

Ok, this can be marked as a lazy post. This past week has been pretty busy and I feel so behind! Ooops. I want to do a throwback Thursday and share one of my favorite outfits that I posted from last Fall. It's more of a dressy Fall outfit, but it's a favorite. I can't believe how long my hair is in these pictures! The leather skirt gives this a lot of edge and the jewelry gives it a girly touch.

I will have to admit that I have already put my Fall decorations up! I know people are so sad to see Summer go, but I'm so ready! My Halloween decorations will most likely be up next week. Last year I was so excited to make these window silhouettes so I will be doing those as well! Except I have new ideas for the window this year! Just wait and see :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Bermuda Summer-pt 3

Here is the last outfit for my Bermuda Summer posts! My first two were definitely Summer outfits, this one is my Summer to Fall transition outfit with Bermuda shorts! I love plaid! I'm so excited to start wearing more plaid with the chilly months ahead. The boots give this outfit a little more edge.

I love wearing outfits like this one because it gets me so anxious for Fall. It's starting to cool down here which also means I can officially put up my Fall/Halloween decor :) To me it's never too early!
What are some of your favorite Fall clothing items??

Check out parts 1 & 2

Plaid Shirt-H&M(old)
Bracelets- c/o Aeropostale